The appearance of Vinhomes Green Bay project quickly created a fever in the market of Hanoi real estate market in the west of the city. It became even clearer when the project received huge purchasing power from the villa and adjacent to the project, becoming a boom in boom after only a short period of sale. These figures are perfect evidence for the attraction of the project as well as the decision to choose the smart residence of customers when selecting Vinhomes Green Bay project is the ideal destination for his life.

Not inferior to the previous two quality products, Vinhomes Green Bay Me Tri Apartment also made a big buzz and received very special attention from residents. With the impressive design of the Green Bay Me Tri apartment, you can truly feel a green, peaceful and relaxing life in the near future. The perfect combination of modern landscape and modern design promises a happy prospect for homeowners and residents alike when choosing to settle in this place.

Not only is a small family full of childish laughter, but with full facilities in the room with quality interior system, residents can fully enjoy the most modern life. Vinhomes Green Bay Me Tri Apartment becomes the top choice of residents, has the opportunity to live on the street and inherit diverse utilities and services in life.

Amidst the harmony with modern comfort life, residents choose a solution for relaxing moments after hard working hours in the office. Returning to nature, with loved ones right in Vinhomes Green Bay apartment, it is the true value of life that anyone wants to have in his life.


Located as a high-end real estate project in the city center, the Green Bay Vinhomes project takes people to a new height in their sedentary life. This is not only reflected in the chain of Vinh Mesa Me Tri luxury apartments but also through the 5-star standard service system that the project currently owns.

Modern facilities such as gastronomic culture, children's play area, international schools, regulating lakes, green parks, trade centers ... all alternating to create a beautiful overall, bring re-convenience for residents in your life. The basic needs in life and enjoyment are satisfied enough and Vinhomes Green Bay is emerging as an attractive option in the perfect destination.

Staying away from smoking, staying away from tiredness at work, residents are returned to the peace and freshness of Vinhomes Green Bay apartment. The great thing is not only good for the health of residents but also meaningful for the development of future generations, is the ideal environment for the spiritual well-being of every resident here