Project name: Sunshine Riverside

Address: CT - 03A - CT area, belonging to CT site - 03 Nam Thang Long urban areas

Investor: Sunshine Group

Development unit: Sunshine Group

Design unit: Sunshine Design Joint Stock Company

Construction units: Vinaconex 1 and Vinaconex 9

Supervision consultant unit: CONICO Joint Stock Company Investing in infrastructure development and construction consultancy

Project scale: 32 - 34 floors

Type of development: High-class apartment

Design style, detailed plan design: European classic and luxury

Area of ​​greenery, internal roads and squares: 7,969 m2

Total project area: 11953 m2

Total construction area: 3773 m2

Construction floor area: 123,991 m2

Number of basements and total basement area: 2 basements

High-rise buildings: 32-34 floating floors

Number of commercial floors and area: 3 floors with 123,991sqm

Number of real estate: 932 apartments

Real estate structure: 2-3 bedrooms

Real estate area: 57 - 114 m2 / apartment

Starting time: Quarter IV / 2016

Handover time: Quarter IV / 2018

Sale price of real estate: 35-38 million / sqm



For a long time, West Lake is considered a "dragon's head", a place of condensation of vitality, is the most geomancy land in the Capital. Located at a prime location west of West Lake, the Sunshine Riversise project inherits the position of that masterful spirit, all the elements of prosperity as converging here. Futhermore, from Sunshine Riverside Apartment, we can enjoy an unlimited view of the poetic West Lake, the peaceful Red River and the shimmering Nhat Tan Bridge. On the other hand, the project is located next to Vo Chi Cong street, which is a lifeline, has a synchronous traffic connection, easy to move to the city center and surrounding areas:

  • Next to Ciputra urban area
  • Only 500m from Nhat Tan Bridge
  • 1km from Ho Tay water park
  • 4km from Hoa Binh park
  • 1km from National University
  • 7km from hospital E
  • 9km from My Dinh bus station
  • 18km from Noi Bai airport
  • 10km from My Dinh National Sports Complex

Moreover, Sunshine Riverside is located in the overall Ciputra urban area - the first and largest urban area in Hanoi. With this position, Sunshine Riverside project will increasingly attract customers and investors.


Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 1
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 1


Sunshine Riverside are designed in a wide variety of areas, optimizing performance with light and wind to the maximum. After a hard working day, when the residents come back home, they will get rid of all tiredness, immerse themselves in the fresh space, catch the cool breeze and look the view unlimited on Red River and West Lake, Nhat Tan bridge is brightly lit.

The furniture of the apartments is designed in a elegant and luxurious European style which will make the apartments more elegant and sophisticated.


Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 1
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 2
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 3
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 4
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 5
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 6
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 7
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 8


With the motto "All for comfort life" Sunshine residents enjoy the great value provided by the high-class utility system. In particular, it is a five-star inter-school system, and at the foot of each building there is a babysitting area. In addition, there are many services such as shopping, beauty, shophouse, restaurants …

  • The bustling shopping area with shophouse types is one of the attractions of Sunshine Riverside project


Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 1
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 2
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 3


Sunshine Riverside project is handed over full of high-class and comfortable furniture. It can be mentioned that all items are luxury furniture imported from Europe. Examples plaster ceilings, luxurious wooden floors, industrial wood doors, air vents, modern air conditioning systems.


Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 1
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 2
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 3
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 4
Chung cư Sunshine Riverside 5



- Sunshine Riverside is located in a favourable position of the project in the capital, located at the foot of Nhat Tan Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam - the region with the strongest economic growth and terrain. The most beautiful city. Sunshine Riverside project is located near to the Red River, close to Vo Chi Cong street, the main internal and external traffic axis of the northeast Hanoi.

- Sunshine Riverside is inherited all of utility services of Ciputra urban area.

- All of Sunshine Riverside's high-class amenities and services are smartly and effectively integrated. In particular, the space for community activities is focused in planning and design, with an international level.

- The elegance of European architecture is a highlight of Sunshine Riverside. Apartments are designed in a variety of area structures, reasonable in terms of use, light and natural ventilation to be fully utilized.