SALES POLICY OF SUNSHINE GROUP Valid from 25th October to a new replacement policy)

- Free management service 05 years: customers purchasing apartments are offered standard management service package for the first 05 years (excluding the costs associated with services for third parties such as: car, electricity, cold water, communication, cable TV ...) - valid from the date of handover. From year 6, the fee is announced by the building management.
- Donation of 1 year scholarship voucher at the international kindergarten of the corporation: Customers buying apartments will get 01 year scholarships in the international pre-school system of the corporation (Excluding other contribution fees).
- 01 Free Voucher at the gym belonging to the project within 02 years
- 01 swimming pool voucher for 05 years.
- The investor also offers many special support policies and other attractive gifts as well.
-  Lucky draw for the sale opening ceremony: The first 300 customers who buy apartments at Sunshine Riverside will have chances in the lucky draw. The first prize is the Mercedes C250.
Note: Gifts of the promotion are not converted to cash. The methods and conditions of using gifts shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations of the investor or the service provider. Customers receive the promotion after signing the contract of sale of apartments.
Customers who buy apartments in Sunshine Riverside with bank loans designated by investors will can borrow up to 70% of the total value of apartments. 
◊ Own capital 30%, the bank will disburse on schedule: 
☛ supporting 0% interest rate until the handover
☛ Free pre-payment
Note: Only supporting interest rate when customers pay 30%
Own capital 30%, the bank will disburse up to 65% of the value of the apartment
supporting 0% interest rate until the handover date
 ☛ Free pre-payment
☛ 3% discount on the amount of money the bank disbursement of 65% of the apartment value, excluding maintenance funds. The discount period is within 25 days from the first payment.
Note: Customers can borrow bank capital for up to 25 years, the maximum loan rate for each specific case in accordance with the terms and conditions of the designated bank. Period of  interest rate support + free pre-term repayment applies to the handover of the apartment. 
Payment of 70% of apartment value within 20 days from the date of deposit, transfering immediately 6% (before VAT) on the total payment amount, not excluding maintenance fee.
♦ Payment of 95% of apartment value within 20 days from the deposit date, transfering 8% (before VAT) on total payment, excluding maintenance fee.
♦ Clients taking early partial payment enjoy 8% / year equivaling to the amount of money and number of dates of pre-term payment. This amount will be directly deducted from the payment amount of customers.