Things to know when coming home new at Vinhomes Green Bay


Abstinence when coming to a new home - According to the traditional concept when moving to a new place, there are many things that you should abstain, hope peace and luck for your family. Each concept is directed towards good things, avoiding bad luck when coming home. So how are these notions, and how do taboos of abstinence come home? Please refer to below.

Advance preparation is required to avoid delays in selected good times before moving into a new home. Must arrive on time, move quickly and arrange neat things. Procedures for moving houses depend on the family that can make different people small, have a procession of a shaman or just make a small clearance procedure, but when moving into a new house, it should be done on time.

Abstinence when coming to a new home - When you come home to avoid bringing trouble from your old house to your new home, you should not use old brooms and mops. Come to your new home, bring along the map of prosperity such as orange basket, passbook, piggy bank, etc., should not enter the house with your bare hands.

Abstinence when coming to a new home - Do not say bad words when moving to a new home, such as bad words, meaning no good, negative or constant speech. Only say good words, positive, positive when moving into a new home, it is the first energy to spread in the first day to storm a new home.

Abstinence when coming to a new home - Do not invite friends and relatives to come home at the time of entry. This is the time to move house, different from the housewarming party. You should only do it quickly, neatly and so that everyone feels most comfortable.

Avoid day to day with the destiny: The days when celestial cans or places around the age of homeowners should not move. For example, people of the age of Quy Ty avoid moving houses on Quy Ti, Quy Hoi, Ky Tu, Ky Hoi, Dinh Ti and Dinh Hoi because it is 6 days directly with me. To make it clear, Can Can belong to the Thuy Hanh and Can also act as a fire-fighting member, Can Tho Hanh to act on the Earth, so avoid. It also avoids the day of the Taurus, because it was the day when there was a natural cannibalism coinciding with the age of the child.

When moving to a new home, keep in mind these issues so that everything at home can be convenient. You can also find out more about other similar content articles!