According to Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, Finance and Banking expert, the region is the West, one of the exciting markets and many opportunities to invest in rental apartments.
Dr. Hieu said that the biggest risk of real estate is the cyclicality of the market. In a 3-5 year cycle, it can be up or down, so timing is important. But if the long term calculation of 20-30 years, the real estate is always increased.

Based on financial, non-financial and real-estate indicators, the real estate investment portfolio is more attractive. However, this segment has its own characteristics investors need attention. Firstly, real estate is only for investors who have business sense, business sense.

Second, when buying real estate for business, look at future value using the discounted cash flow method to see if the investment is effective.
Third is the location.

Fourth is to use financial leverage, using your money to buy but must turn around fast. Fifth, calculate the profitability rate is how much. If the interest on the bank is about 7%, real estate business put more effort, the interest rate must be higher, at 12% or more.
West of Hanoi is favored by many foreign experts in Vietnam.
Also according to the doctor, in terms of area, the West is one of the vibrant market place and there are many opportunities to invest apartments for rent.
There are many administrative agencies, transport infrastructure developed with Vo Chi Cong road, ... important contribution leading the way for the development of real estate.
Accordingly, west of Hanoi has good investment opportunities, including the Sunshine Riverside project of Sunshine Group.

Sunshine Riverside Apartments for rent, Apartments are designed to be optimal for sun and wind. Premium materials such as Eurowindow soundproof and heat insulation, which helps to limit radiation and ultraviolet radiation, the indoor temperature is always regulated and energy saving.
With the Sunshine Riverside project, Sunshine Group is launching many attractive incentive programs. According to the investors, buyers pay according to the normal progress will be bank loans up to 80% of the apartment value. The interest rate is 0% until the handover of the house, and the grace period of the original loan during the period of interest rate support.
This project is a prime location in West Lake West - a place where most foreigners live and work. Therefore with this project has attracted the majority of real estate rental investors.