Project name: Sunshine City

Address: Ciputra - Nam Thang Long, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi

Owner: Sunshine Group

Construction unit: Hoa Binh Corporation

Project scale: 6 buildings of S1 - S6 luxury apartments

Type of development: High-end apartment

Design style, detailed ground design: European and American design

Area of ​​trees, public, roads: 26,073 m2

Total project area: 21,702 m2

Total construction area: 16,114m2

Construction floor area: 257,642.4 m2

Building density: 38%

Number of basements and total basement area: 3 basements with an area of ​​49,932.6 m2

High floor of buildings: 38 - 40 floors

Number of commercial floors and area: 3 commercial floors

Number of properties: 1791 apartments

Real estate structure: 2 -3 high-class apartments

Property area: 85 - 108 m2

Starting time: Quarter IV / 2016

Handover time: Quarter IV / 2019

Sale price of real estate: 30 - 40 million / m2



Located on the southern bank of the Red River, Sunshine City enjoys full vitality of life , prosperous flow, so the project converges all elements to become the most worthy urban area in the Capital.

Sunshine City project is located between the West Lake West development axis

There is a large transportation network: bordering on arterial roads Vo Chi Cong and Nguyen Hoang Ton, close to Pham Van Dong, ring road 2,3, Nhat Tan bridge, Thang Long bridge, ...

Sunshine City condominium is adjacent to the Metro railway

Adjacent to Vietin Bank tower - the new symbol of the capital


With this diamond position, Sunshine City deserves to become the largest and most luxurious urban area in Hanoi.



Inspired by New York's thriving life, and the unique architecture of Paris, Sunshine City will offer you a wide selection of stylishly designed 2 - 3 bedroom apartments. Most important, top class Hanoi.


Dự án Sunshine City 1
Dự án Sunshine City 2
Dự án Sunshine City 3
Dự án Sunshine City 4
Dự án Sunshine City 5
Dự án Sunshine City 6
Dự án Sunshine City 7


Aiming to bring residents into a high-class life, Sunshine Group has devoted itself to building a superior class utility system.

- Internal utility system: more than 40 utilities such as Sky bar, bustling shopping center, Spa, infinity pool, Asian - European restaurant, ...

- External utility system: enjoy all the high-class utilities of Ciputra urban area such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, amusement parks, entertainment centers ...

In particular, the highlight of Sunshine City is Smart Home service. You can manage your home right on your smartphone. After a hard working day, before returning home, you just need to press "go home" on Smart phone, the heater, fan, air conditioner will turn on so that when you go home everything is ready to serve. Or when you are going to bed, instead of turning off the power, closing the door , it will help you do it. Things will become much faster and more convenient.

Living in Sunshine City, you will enjoy the best facilities, to reach a comfortable life that every resident dreams of.


Dự án Sunshine City 1
Dự án Sunshine City 2
Dự án Sunshine City 3
Dự án Sunshine City 4
Dự án Sunshine City 5
Dự án Sunshine City 6
Dự án Sunshine City 7


The Sunshine City furniture used is the top famous brands:





 (Giá bán căn hộ)





100.000.000 vnd/unit

The date of signing the deposit agreement ”TDA”


First installment

20% apartment’s price (include VAT)

Total payment made before signing the contract will be deducted from the value stated in the contract

(Finishing foundation)

 Right after signing the purchase contract

 In 10 days from “TDA”

Second installment

10% apartment’s price (include VAT)

(Construction completed to 5th floor)

On 30/5/2018

 In case the day Customer signs the Sale Contract And make payment on the same date or after the  second payment, it will accrue to the 1st Payment (Approximate 30% apartment’s price)

Third installment

10% apartment’s price (include VAT)

(Construction completed to 15th floor)

On 08/8/2018



10% apartment’s price (include VAT)

(Construction completed to 25th floor)

On 17/10/2018

Fifth installment

10% apartment’s price (include VAT)

(Construction completed to 35th floor)

On 26/12/2018

Sixth installment

10% apartment’s price (include VAT)

(Cất nóc công trình)

On 25/02/2019

Seventh installment

25% apartment’s price (include VAT)+ 100% maintenance funding + VAT of 5% apartment’s price

 when being delivered of the apartment according to the Notice from the Owner, expected Ss IV/2019



5% apartment’s price (exclude VAT)

 When the Investor hands over the Certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land




-  Prestigious investor

Sunshine Group is one of the top 100 strong brands in Vietnam in 2017 and has many successful projects such as Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine Palace, Sunshine Center, ...

- Diamond position in the heart of the capital

Sunshine City is located in a land that is considered to be a condensation of the flow of prosperity, the flow of financial, and a place with dense urban transportation network, easy to move to the city center and the other regions in the region. Moreover, it is next to Vietin Bank Tower - Hanoi's new iconic financial tower ... With such a favorable position, it has created a strong position for Sunshine City to attract customers.

- Superior class facilities.

Sunshine City project owns outstanding utilities with chain of restaurants, Sky bar, Gym, infinity pool, shopping mall, ... Especially, it is Smart home utility with 4.0 pine technology application minh. You will actively control and manage your home in a convenient and modern way right on your Smart phone.