Choosing a condominium is being a trend, especially is young people, however, not everyone is able to choose an ideal flat due to economic conditions. Therefore, what is the solution for small apartments but still ensure the comfort for resident

- The interest thing for apartments in Sunshine Riverside when designing interior is to choose bright colors. Especially, it is not appropriate to mix too many colors in a space that will make apartment more cramped, confusing eyes. Color palettes are preferred such as white, ice cream, gold, etc and minimal color will help to make more airy and spacious for apartment.
- Besides, household appliance should also choose bright, luxurious colors that make apartment more modern, simultaneously, removing unnecessary objects or using multiple functions equipment which can be folded
-  Do not leave too many walls dividing indoor area that make area of apartments become stifling and narrow. If you want to separate each area, we cam use bookshelves, cabinets or some equipment in the house to be able to use both walls and decorated without losing too much area. You should choose the cabinet, recessed shelves to reduce area that can still be used easily and display scientifically
- House owner can design to get a lot of natural light to room that will help apartment extroverted, close to nature and more wide open space.
- On the kitchen space, you should also use white tones to creat a sense of spaciousness with large door and balcony 
interior in apartment
interior in apartment