Sunshine riverside is a high-end condominium complex that combines commercial services, including 3 buildings R1, R2, R3, with a variety of areas: 64m2 to 170m2, designed from 2-4 bedrooms. All apartments are bright and airy, overlooking the West Lake, Nhat Tan Bridge and Red River.

Living area of 2 bedroom apartment  in R1, R2,R3 Sunshine Riverside: From 56.95 sqm, 61.73 sqm, 63.02 sqm, 69.19 sqm, 80,69sqm, 82,.02 sqm, 83.51 sqm .

Design with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, basic furnished and full furnished. 

Please contact us: Tan Long Land  to view apartment for rent in Sunshine Riverside.